Adrael & Nagasha


Deze figuren van Draco studios worden op bestelling geprint en in de primer geleverd.

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Adrael Id Tyverianes, the Blood Emperor of
Tyveria and leader of its forces, is as brazen,
violent and powerful as the nation he
commands, and he stands not only as an experienced
and undefeated warrior, but also as the greatest living
blood sorcerer of Valerna.

Despite being relatively young for a dragon,
Nagasha is one of the deadliest – and if you ask
her, one of the most beautiful – creatures in
Valerna. Her power is so great that it almost matches
her cosmic-scale pride.
For Nagasha, the world is there as a backdrop for
her exploits, her delight; her grand tale. Only Adrael
has successfully convinced her otherwise, becoming her
‘pet project’ as she endeavors to make him into the best,
mightiest, most legendary ruler that Valerna has seen..


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