Artisan guild Giant Clay Golem set


Alle miniaturen van Artisan Guild zijn gebaseerd op 32mm en worden op bestelling geprint. Ze worden in elkaar gezet en in een primer gezet van The army painter.

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Still as stone, neither alive nor dead, Eldenar’s colossal Clay Golems protect the Arcane Tower and the Mirror from intruders and allow the few Arcanists who operate within it to pass. It is said that many years and the most intricate spells are required to build a Golem, but once the epic feat is completed, you have in your hands a very powerful and incorruptible guardian, highly resistant to any form of arcane or physical damage.

Eldenar’s Clay Golems are dotated of a anti-arcane field who negate most of the Spells, and are able to pulverize a group of attackers with a simple punch.

They were donated by the Gnomish king to the City of Knowledge as thank for let his people into the city, after their underground kingdom was destroyed by the Slathaai.


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