Artisan Guild Gilgamesh-king of Golemmar


Alle miniaturen van Artisan Guild zijn gebaseerd op 32mm en worden op bestelling geprint. Ze worden in elkaar gezet en in een primer gezet van The army painter.

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Born in the heart of the mountain, the legendary Hero-King Gilgamesh reigns with Queen Ishtara the Gnomic cities of the underground between Rotvar and Skutagaard. Born in a time of adversity and forged by hundreds of battles against Dumlok and Slathaai, this Gnome ascended the throne by defeating in battle a voracious Delani, a huge dragon of the depths that threatened to destroy Golemmar after having swallowed hundreds of Gnomes and razed several towns to the ground.

Gilgamesh is also a famous geomancer and echanter, known as lord of the Golems, from which the Gnomic capital takes its name. Over the course of his existence he built hundreds of Golems, to protect his kingdom: giants who proved indispensable to deal with the monsters of the depths, given the small size of the Gnomic people.

Although many of his likes have fled to the surface due to invasions, the brave and cunning Gnome King continues to defend his people against the treacherous Slathaai, protecting centuries of culture and art enshrined in Golemmar’s city.


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