Artisan Guild Golemmar Lamassu


Alle miniaturen van Artisan Guild zijn gebaseerd op 32mm en worden op bestelling geprint. Ze worden in elkaar gezet en in een primer gezet van The army painter.

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Powerful feathered wings, a massive bull-like body, lion hair and anthropomorphic head are the characteristics of a Lamassu, legendary beasts that once guided the peoples of Mundus with their wisdom.

These sacred beasts were once widespread in the Rotvar plains, dedicated to protecting ancient sites of cults, sarcophagi or temples, but dragons have reduced their numbers to a few.

In the depths of the underworld, however, it is said that a single lineage of Lamassu has accompanied members of the royal house of Gnomes for countless centuries.

Golemmar’s Lamassu, guardian of Queen Ishtara since her birth, is a ferocious beast that proves invaluable against the onslaught of the Slathaai for its total immunity to magic and the soul arts.


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