Elyse & Ferellon Fulgen


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The current ruler of Allaria, both a daughter of
the Royal Dynasty and a member of the silver
elf people, who used to be outcast in the Dragon
Kingdom, is the first Ellari to hold the position in the
Realm’s history, and the first dragonbonded on the
throne after Allaria’s founder, Qan Zai himself. The
Dragon Queen is bonded to Ferellon Fulgen, the Royal
Dragon of Allaria, who serves as the Queen’s counselor
and is the first dragon behind the Allarian throne in a
thousand years.

“If you harm my bonded, I will feel the pain.
So I will be cross at you.
Think about that before harming my bonded.”
– Ferellon Fulgen

Ascion of the oldest dragon brood of the Red
Moon, Ferellon may have the most ancient
lineage among all creatures in Valerna. A highranking noble even among the dragons of the Golden
City, Ferellon Fulgen has the wisdom of an immortal,
the presence of a palace, and the confidence of a storm.
Proud even beyond that of the normal Draconic Pride,
Ferellon is calmly sure of his destiny as the future Azhurma
dragon lord of his entire brood. Cunning, direct, and
overwhelming, he suffers no fools, and has the power and
intelligence to back his confidence.
Other than dragons, he respects only Elyse, and even some
dragons are less worthy in his eyes. He is very protective of
who has the right to even speak to or touch Elyse.


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