Godao, guild enforcer


Deze figuren van Draco studios worden op bestelling geprint en in de primer geleverd.


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Godao golden gnomes are the second oldest people of Valerna, and the second highest class in the Kingdom of Allaria. They are industrious, inventive and inspired, which shows even in the battlefield.
A golden gnome is a Small humanoid with tan skin and dark hair. In Allaria they like to dress well, in brown and golden colors. Most golden gnomes in Allaria work for the Grand Guild, a transnational network of trade and engineering research. Grand guild guards are as well trained as the soldiers of any realm, and their weaponry is more advanced than most other military technology in the world.

Guild Enforcers are Grand Guild troopers, trained to fight in any environment. While not a military unit per se, they gang up on enemy targets, holding and stalling them enough to prevent their participation in battle – or their escape when it is too late.


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