Malgob Firegut


Alle miniaturen van Artisan Guild zijn gebaseerd op 32mm en worden op bestelling geprint en worden met The army painter in grijs gespoten.

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Malgob Firegut

“Move those paws before I cut them off, you filthy cutthroats! That forest won’t cut down by itself!”– Malgob Firegut – Goblin Chieftain.

Goblins, as we know, hardly have enough resources to fill their stomachs, and hunger makes them terribly vicious and aggressive, a perfect condition to be sent to raid villages or caravans. However, a Goblin that gorges itself on food and drink, which is very rare, is capable of growing enormously, bloating to look like a clumsy orc.

If not controlled by Hobgoblins or Greatgoblins, a horde of Goblins is controlled by the largest of them, who takes the role of Chieftain. Malgob Firegut, also known as Malgob Grog Lover, is one of the biggest Chieftains ever seen on Rotvar’s face, and it must be said, it’s not easy to maintain this position without other Goblins trying to stab you in your sleep, which proves him very cunning.

Evil and voracious in equal measure, he is clearing south Faldorn Woods to feed his war machine, arming a huge horde to march on the cities of men.


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